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The mission of the Cure Cancer Now Foundation is to ultimately win the battle against cancer. We hope to decrease or eliminate the physical and emotional fear as well as the suffering and pain. This can be done through prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment strategies based on sound scientific research.

Cure Cancer Now Foundation was organized by Dr. Anahid Jewett and other cancer researchers. They are a diverse group of very distinguished and internationally recognized scientists engaged in many types of cancer research. Through their relentless efforts and successes, they realized that to expedite cancer cures, increased funding and private sector philanthropy is urgently needed.

Cancer is an extremely challenging disease caused by many factors. These factors include but are not limited to genetics, infections, environmental exposures, lifestyle choices, diet and physical activity. We know that in the United States, approximately 45% of men and 40% of women have a lifetime risk of developing some type of cancer. Cancer has many causes and the treatment choices vary considerably. These choices must be responsible and effective in order to maintain and restore a high quality level of health and physical function. It is our mission to promote cancer research, thereby accelerating the development of effective cancer treatment strategies. There has been success in the fight against cancer, but many challenges remain and our work continues.

We realize that the battle to find a cure for cancer can be achieved in part by spreading cancer awareness, providing early detection and treatment but, most importantly, through continued scientific research. Please help us achieve our goals of adequate funding for cancer research, offering Graduate Student Scholarship awards and promoting cancer awareness.

I urge you to consider the tremendous good you will do when you give a much appreciated  tax deductible donation to Cure Cancer Now Foundation.  Pushing the boundaries of scientific research takes time and considerable financial resources. We all triumph when Cure Cancer Now Foundation develops cures, made possible by your generous donations.

I invite you to join Cure Cancer Now Foundation in the fight against cancer.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause.

Cure Cancer Now Foundation (a 501 c(3) organization)


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